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Why should I use Val-ID-ate?

As a job seeker, Val-ID-ate gives you the platform to show prospective employers that they only thing left for consideration is company fit. You come to the table showing that you are qualified! As an employer or recruiter, Val-ID-ate saves you time and money. How much time is spent filtering for qualified resumes? With Val-ID-ate, the qualification step is done! Just search for candidates who match your criteria and interview for fit.

Why should I trust that the verifications are accurate?

Val-ID-ate is a product from Verify-ED, a qualified consumer reporting agency. Background screening is our focus. We have years of experience in checking not only credentials, but other areas in the full background screening process.

Why do job seeker members have to provide a signed consent form?

More and more institutions are requiring consent from the record holder before the release of information. Having the consent on file expedites the verification process. The consent is very specific and can only be used to verify credentials.